Pleated Blinds

    Fabric window coverings with a characteristically shaped, folded material. Ann important and one of the most essential advantages of pleated blinds is the possibility to apply them not only for rectangular widows but also for oblique, oval, circular, and other untypical shapes, owing to the diversity of models and execution possibilities. They can be operated by means of aesthetic handles or a cord. Materials of different structures allow for adapting the blinds to every interior.

    Pleated blinds are recommended, inter alia, for apartments located for example in the ground floor, since they can easily cover the window at the bottom, protecting the interior from unauthorised persons looking from the outside. It is an extremely important aspect which allows us to differentiate between pleated blinds and roller blinds, except that there are more options – covering only the central or a selected part of the pane, and in the case of adjacent windows, creating your own composition.