Vertical Blinds

    Vertical Blinds A modern window protection system used in public utility buildings, such as banks, companies, conference rooms, universities, etc.. It is also applied by private customers as a practical way to cover and decorate windows.

    Main advantages: a system vertically suspended lamellas on a low-profile rail (45 mm x 25 mm) allows for smooth adjustment of light access wide range of materials 127 mm and 89 mm (including PCV) rich palette of colours (over 100) possibility to execute the rail in a “slant” system with a brake, which allows for covering custom windows (slanted windows in attics) materials having the hygienic approvals (PZH) and non-combustibility approval (ITB) STARFLEX fabric compliant with EU standards (DIN 67507, ISO 9050, degree of light and UV rays transmittance is equal to 0)