Jamaica Volant

    • Construction made from extruded aluminium
    • Flyer’s chains in the arms
    • Square bar
    • Roller tube support with big widths
    • Optional hood protects the rolled fabric from weather conditions
    • Supporting bar facilitating installation
    • Using Volant is not only additional protection from sun but it also increases privacy
    • Possibility of using overlapping arms
    • Easy operation with the use of full automatic

    colour palette: RAL
    electric drive: yes
    manual drive: yes
    maximum width: 6.0 m
    maximum projection: 3.1 m
    cassette: no
    optional hood: yes
    tilt angle: 5°–40°
    fabric: 140 patterns
    VOLANT valance – with manual drive: yes
    • maximum height for Soltis and Suntech fabrics: 1.5 m
    • maximum height for acrylic fabrics: 1.2 m